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Are you planning a proposal soon? You've found the right person to spend the rest of your life with. Now you need to make it the most magical night with a perfect engagement ring choice.

A decision like this can be overwhelming, especially when you feel lost in all the options. You want your future spouse to love the ring you choose forever.

It needs to be something timeless that will still be stylish years from now. Luckily, we have collected the hottest engagement ring trends, all timeless pieces.

Check them out below to help choose the perfect ring for your future spouse.


1. Minimalist

Simple engagement rings are perfect for someone who doesn't like intricate styles.

Leave the flashier bling for someone with more elaborate tastes. Find a thin band or simple setting instead.

Another option is to find a ring with only one stone. Then the focus is on the sole precious stone, rather than the complicated design. This type of minimalist ring is sure to withstand the test of time.


2. Geometric

Some engagement ring styles use unique geometric shapes to make their statement. For example, triangular trillion-cut diamonds are extra shiny because of their many facets.

Your future spouse may also like a hexagon shape for its iconic look. Something more modern with a unique shape will still look perfect years from now.


3. Other Stone Colors

In the world of alternative engagement rings, other stone colors are all the rage. 

You could go with a sapphire like Princess Kate's or gray diamonds for something edgier. Your future spouse is sure to love it.

We also like Guatemalan Jade for a striking black color that matches anything. Another option is morganite, with a pink tone.

No matter what you choose, we know your fiancée will still love it far into the future.


4. Many Stone Settings

This is one of our favorite ring styles. The world of many stones is endless because you can feature them in the main setting or along the band. You can choose two or three stones or more. 

Another way to add stone is to pick an accented basket or band. 


5. Moissanite

Moissanite these days is usually lab-created. Natural moissanite comes from space and is very rare.

It is a gemstone like diamonds in look, feel, and durability. The price tag is lower, though.

If a conflict-free engagement ring is important to you, then this diamond alternative is the way to go. They rate higher than sapphires on the hardness scale, and they are beautiful. But you have the added benefit of making an ethical choice.

For a ring that will transcend time, choose something conflict free like moissanite. You'll always feel good about the selection, even far into your life together.


6. Horizontal Arrangement

Most gemstones have a vertical placement on the band. For something more unique, choose a setting with a horizontal arrangement. This is also referred to as East-West style.

The horizontal style is more comfortable for the person wearing it. A marquise-cut stone is a perfect fit, as are other cuts.

You will always have a unique piece for others to admire. You'll never regret an atypical style, no matter how far removed from your engagement you are.


7. Pear-Shaped Stones

With a round bottom and a pointed top, a pear-shaped stone has endless possibilities. They can be set upside down or on an angle. You can also choose a halo of other stones around it.

This cut is a timeless one that you'll love for many years to come.


8. Open Band

An open band is one that doesn't close all the way. Usually, a band opening has an asymmetrical placement. That makes your engagement ring stand out.

If the opening is in the middle of the band, it doubtless features a design on each end that face each other in the middle. That may be your initials, two hearts, or something else. No one can change the innate timeless aspect of your special jewelry.

The opening in the band isn't large enough for the ring to come off your finger. It's enough to make the piece special without being a risk.


9. Rose Gold

Why not try an alternative metal?

If you choose a rose gold band, you'll love the chic, modern style. Another option is black rhodium. The darker metal helps your gemstone choice stand out.

You'll always take pleasure in a sophisticated look like this, no matter how much time passes.


10. Destined for Timeless: Best of the Engagement Ring Trends

The number one engagement ring style destined to be timeless is the one you choose. Your ring can be any combination of the ideas above. Your unique design guarantees that your future spouse will love it into eternity.

You aren't limited to one of these choices. A combination of them shows off your personality and that of your future spouse.

Take two or three of these ideas and put them into one custom ring, like a minimalist hexagon cut sapphire ring. You might prefer an open band with a pear-shaped stone.

Another great combination is a morganite stone with a rose gold band.

The options are limitless when you work with a designer. Produce the dream ring your fiancée has always wanted.


Give Love

Now that you've seen ten of the most popular engagement ring trends, you're ready to choose the one for you. Each style on its own is timeless. The one your future spouse will love the most is the one you design by combining your favorite features.

Bel Vaggio is here to help. Our family-owned business wants to help find the perfect engagement ring for you.

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