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What are Lab Grown Genuine Diamonds?

What are the differences between lab-grown and mined diamonds? One is created in weeks in a precisely controlled laboratory environment and the other grows beneath the earth for centuries. Otherwise, lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds are chemically, physically and optically identical. Both are “real” diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are physically, optically, and chemically indistinguishable from mined diamonds. They provide exceptional value and typically cost 30-40% less than mined stones of the same size, cut and quality.

There are two methods growing genuine diamonds, High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) and CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition). For high quality CVD is the preferred method. All lab grown diamonds carried by Bel Viaggio Designs are grown using the CVD method.

CVD method uses ultra-pure carbon-rich gases in a controlled environment. Tiny diamond seeds are placed in a growing vacuum chamber. Each seed is made of a repeating lattice of carbon atoms — just like all diamonds. The chamber is injected with methane gas and hydrogen. In the CVD growth chamber, some of the hydrogen is converted to atomic hydrogen, which promotes diamond formation since diamond is more stable in this environment. The seeds are zapped in a microwave reactor and heated to 1200 degrees. The oven zaps natural gas into a plasma of carbon, which sticks to each seed and slowly builds up a diamond, atom by atom. After approximately three to four weeks, the crystals have grown to significant size and are cut just like a mined diamond.

What are Canadian Diamonds?

Canadian Diamonds are natural diamonds mined in Canada. Canada’s diamond mines yield a higher ratio of pristine, gem-quality diamonds in comparison to the output of other countries. They are noted for exceptional color, clarity, and luster, as well as low levels of fluorescence.

Canadian Diamonds are natural and untreated, traceable and conflict-free. Each diamond is GIA certified and comes with details of its journey from mine to market: rough weight, polished weight, color, quality, serial number, and technical characteristics.

What is Moissanite?

Moissanite is the name given to silicon carbide and it's various crystalline polymorphs that naturally occur in nature.  The chemical formula for this substance is SiC and it is classified as a rare mineral.

Discovered in 1893 by Dr. Henri Moissan, and later named for him, Moissanite traces its origins to a meteor crater where particles were found in Arizona.  Naturally occurring Moissanite is found in very small quantities in the earth and these Moissanite crystals are not abundant in desired sizes appropriate for jewelry production.

Given the scarcity of the natural occurring material, over the years scientists worked hard to create Moissanite in a laboratory.  With the help of technology, scientists finally succeeded in producing a stone with near-colorless properties that is durable, and when cut properly yields a stone with incredible brilliance and fire.

Created Moissanite is produced in a controlled environment that ensures consistency and quality standards are achieved.  In this production method, Created Moissanite is produced in large silicon carbide crystals.  These crystals are then hand-cut and hand-faceted with specific techniques to produce a gemstone exhibiting optical properties of extraordinary brilliance and fire. 

Does more than one company manufacture Moissanite?

Yes, the patent in the United States that covered Moissanite creation has expired. More than one company is now manufacturing Moissanite for the jewelry industry.

Is Moissanite durable?

Yes, it is a very hard material. It ranks above 9 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, making it the hardest mineral after a diamond.

How do I care for my Moissanite jewelry?

Moissanite may be cleaned using commercially available jewelry cleaners or warm soapy water.  Rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.  Your purchase from Bel Viaggio Designs will be be accompanied with instructions for caring for your jewelry purchase.

What are my choices for purchasing Moissanite at Bel Viaggio Designs?

Celestial Premier Moissanite

Moissanite, colorless DEF and near colorless, GH color.  You will receive a lifetime warranty and certification of authenticity with your purchase and the ability of registering your stone.


SUPERNOVA Moissanite  Colorless Moissanite

SUPERNOVA purchases are accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. They do not offer a warranty.



Forever One™ by Charles & Colvard : D/E/F Color Range and G/H Color.

Certified Forever One™ is certified much like a diamond, each stone is graded from an independent laboratory, certification accompanies your purchase.

Charles & Colvard offers a limited lifetime warranty and certificate of authenticity upon purchase.


What Are Russian Brilliants?

Russian Brilliants® is a laboratory-grown stone, classified as a diamond simulant. While simulated diamonds can look like the finest quality mined diamonds, they don’t share the same chemical and physical properties or sizable price tag of the natural gemstone. With the exception of moissanite, most simulated diamonds on the market today are based on the synthetic gemstone material zirconium dioxide, commonly known as cubic zirconia.


Russian Brilliants uses only the finest quality rough material available. Every stone is DE color, VVS clarity and guaranteed never to fade or discolor internally. 


Every Russian Brilliants stone is hand cut to ideal diamond proportions. Russian Brilliants uses the same cutting equipment that is used to cut natural sapphire, as the hardness is similar. They utilize the GIA's ( gem proportion scope to ensure every stone is cut for maximum brilliance. Less expensive stones are often poorly cut from substandard rough material and have multiple chips along facet edges as well as frosted girdles. Russian Brilliants will never sell a stone unless the cutting meets their stringent requirements and passes our quality control standards.


Some manufacturers use fancy marketing language and add special coatings to their cubic zirconia stones, claiming increased hardness and/or durability. Our research shows that these coatings do not add any significant practical resistance to wear, and they can even prevent light from shining into the stone, dulling its natural fire and sparkle. The fact is: All stones can chip, even Mined Diamonds. If you bump a coated stone against a hard surface it has no more practical or significant hardness or protection against scratching or breakage than an untreated stone. While coatings may result in a scientifically measurable increase in the MOHS hardness of the stone, our research indicates there is no practical increase in hardness achieved.

Russian Brilliants Lifetime Warranty


Every Russian Brilliants® simulated diamond comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and Insurance Policy that covers the following; If at any time your Russian Brilliants simulated diamond should become abraded or damaged in any way, Russian Brilliants will replace your stone with a new one of the same size and shape. You pay only a $75 per carat deductible (minimum deductible $75). If your stone is set in a Russian Brilliants setting the $75 per carat deductible also includes the cost to remove the old stone and set the new stone. Additional charges may apply to bezel and channel set stones, v-tip prongs, prongs set with small diamonds, stones set in platinum or if the setting needs repair. Previously laser inscribed Russian Brilliants stones are covered by this warranty. However an additional $85 charge will apply if you wish to inscribe your replacement stone. Shipping charges will also apply.


We also guarantee that your Russian Brilliants simulated diamond will not fade or discolor internally for the life of the owner.

Do you offer custom design? What are custom changes and design?

Custom design and custom changes are always available for the convenience of our customers. Custom changes are any changes to the existing for sale design. Custom design is a design created just for you.  

We offer up to (3) custom changes to an existing for sale design, free of charge. If you would like more than three changes to an existing design or a new design done for you there is a $250 deposit required. This deposit will go towards any future purchases.

All designs and custom designs are property of and copyrighted by Bel Viaggio Designs, LLC.  They may be reproduced at our discretion.

What does conflict-free mean?

All Bel Viaggio Designs are conflict-free, meaning the materials used in fabrication are sourced from ethical origins - outside of war-torn areas in Africa where many diamonds originate.

What payment options are available?

We accept PayPal, PayPal Credit, Blispay Financing, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover. 

How long does it take for my purchase to ship?

Bel Viaggio Designs take 14-21 business days to create and ship to your door. Please understand sometimes this time frame is extended due to unforeseen circumstances. We do our best to have your item shipped in a timely manner. Please see here for item specific shipping times.

We only use Fedex for all shipments.  You will be provided with a tracking number at the time of shipment.  All deliveries will require a signature due to the value of the shipment. 

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: We use Fedex to ship internationally.  All packages will require a signature.  We can not be responsible for packages after they leave United States customs and enter a foreign country customs department.  

What is my warranty?

Bel Viaggio Designs offers a one year warranty on workmanship. This excludes theft, loss, and acts of God.  During and after this warranty period it is highly recommended visiting a jeweler for cleaning and maintenance. Prongs can loosen, get bent or damaged from wear, jeopardizing the integrity of the setting. Many jewelry stores offer free check-up or professional cleaning at scheduled intervals: Jewelry should be checked every six months and cleaned frequently. Look for a jeweler with professional training and a good reputation in your local area.

If you would like your center stone and item covered against loss, damage, or theft etc, you can insure your piece through your Homeowner's Insurance Policy, or purchase a Jewelry Insurance Policy. If you have your own center stone set by a different jeweler, the warranty is automatically voided as we cannot guarantee our product after it has been modified in any way by another jeweler. If you have another jeweler work on the piece in any way you will void the warranty. We cannot be responsible for any damage or problems arising after another jeweler has performed service.

Charles & Colvard gemstones are warrantied by Charles & Colvard.

Russian Brilliants are warrantied by Russian Brilliants.

Quality Gold Products are warranted by Quality Gold.

If, upon receipt or at a later date, your ring needs to be resized, please feel free to contact us for more information and/or quotes. Having another jeweler work on your jewelry item will void your warranty with Bel Viaggio Designs, LLC.

How do I care for my fine jewelry?

Many jewelry stores offer free check-up or professional cleaning at scheduled intervals: Jewelry should be checked every six months and cleaned frequently. Look for a jeweler with professional training and a good reputation.  Your prongs can naturally loosen from wear or get damaged. Visiting the jeweler at the recommended intervals can prevent the loss of any of your stones.

Put Jewelry On After Applying Makeup, Cosmetics, hairspray, perfumes and lotion can contain chemicals that can often damage jewelry. Putting jewelry on after applying these materials will limit exposure to jewelry and any potential damage.

Don't Wear Jewelry In Swimming Pools and Spas, Chlorinated water can react with the metals found in jewelry causing color changes and even structural damage. As a result it's a good idea to remove jewelry before entering the pool or spa.

Take off your jewelry before doing manual work or playing sports. Gemstones could be jarred loose or chipped by a hard blow.

When you're not wearing your jewelry, be careful that pieces do not tumble against each other to avoid scratching or dulling. Ideally, store each piece in its own box.

Cleaning your jewelry. While it is best to have your jewelry professionally cleaned by a reputable jeweler, there are a few ways to help keep your jewelry looking great between professional cleanings. Ultrasonic cleaners, while they do a good job, they can loosen your stones due to the vibration, So use them sparingly. Warm water and gentle soap like Ivory is a good choice, dry with a soft cloth.  A warm water and white vinegar soak can remove hard water stains.  Use 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar.

What is your policy on returns?

14 Day Returns - Free Returns - Effective for purchases on and after 8/14/2017

At Bel Viaggio Designs we offer only the finest products available in the industry at unparalleled prices. If at any time during the first 14 days after you have received your piece of jewelry you would like to return your item, please use the automated return process located here: Upon approving your return, we will provide you with a return approval code (RMA) to be written on the outside of the package and a shipping label and shipping instructions. Return shipping authorizations are active for seven days from the date of issue and packages must be shipped during the active time period of your return shipping authorization. Packages returned without a Return Authorization code will be refused delivery.

To qualify for a 14-day return the item must not have been purchased using an Installment plan, it must have the security tag attached, not have been altered in any way, and be unworn. Installment plans, sale items, items purchased using a discount code, and custom design items are only eligible for a store credit in the form of a store gift card. Items with personal inscriptions/engraving are not returnable. We can not accept returns if the security tag has been removed. You must also be able to provide a receipt and any paperwork that accompanied your purchase such as appraisals, warranty cards or certifications of any kind.

**LOOSE STONES - We offer a 5 day viewing period. Loose stones can only be returned only for store credit. If you are displeased you may return the stone for exchange or store credit. After 5 days of receipt your loose stone is no longer returnable for store credit or exchange. A sales receipt, certifications or warranties must accompany your return. Please use the automated return process below.  Upon approving your return we will provide you with a return approval code to be written on the outside of the package and a shipping label and shipping instructions. Return shipping authorizations are active for seven days from the date of issue and packages must be shipped during the active time period of your return shipping authorization. Packages returned without a Return Authorization code will be refused delivery.

**SEMI-MOUNTS (Settings without center stone) These are customized to fit your stone and are not returnable.

Please use the provided label for returns. We cannot assume any responsibility for any item not returned to us in this manner. Please pack the item in the original packaging.

Upon arrival the item will be inspected for a RMA, security tag, your receipt, warranty and certification card and any wear. No returns will be accepted with a RMA. If the black security tag is not attached, the item shows signs of wear, the certification and warranty card and receipt are not present, or you out of the allotted return period, there was no RMA issued, the item will be returned to you. Refunds are processed within 7-14 business days.


What is your Policy on Sale items?

All sale and discounted items are final sale, no returns.

What is your Privacy Policy?

All customer information, phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, credit card numbers are strictly used for purchasing.  We do not sell information or share information with anyone or advertisers.

**Pinterest Tags- Bel Viaggo Designs, LLC uses the Pinterest Tracking Pixel to gather customer insights.

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