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Are you looking to buy anniversary rings to complement your wedding bands? Read on to learn how to pick the perfect anniversary ring.

Just because your engagement and your wedding are over doesn't mean the thrill of receiving a shiny new ring has to stop.

Who says you can't get a new ring to celebrate your marriage each year?

An anniversary band is an excellent way to recognize the years you and your spouse have spent together. If you're looking to buy an anniversary ring to go with your wedding band, we've compiled a guide on how to pick the perfect anniversary ring.

Let's get started!


How Will You Wear Your Anniversary Ring?

An important factor in your choice of anniversary ring is how you plan to wear it.

Anniversary bands don't necessarily have to be worn on the ring finger. In fact, you could wear a new band on a totally different hand altogether.

Alternatively, some people prefer to retire their original wedding bands and replace them with anniversary bands. Meanwhile, others simply stack their anniversary bands with their wedding and engagement rings. The choice is ultimately yours and may impact your anniversary ring selection.


Choose Your Setting and Metal

If you plan to wear your anniversary band with your wedding and engagement rings, you may find it stylish to do some mixing and matching of gold colors. Just make sure that your new band's width and style are such that all of your rings fit together easily.

You have more options if you intend to wear your new anniversary band separately from your bridal jewelry.

Of course, you may still prefer your anniversary band's style to mirror your current rings' styles. However, if your current rings' styles are a bit outdated, now is an excellent time to select a ring that reflects who you are now.


Eternity Bands

These are special bands that are popular to buy for anniversaries. The bands may feature diamonds or other gems of your choosing (we'll go over some gem options in more detail below).

Another eternity band option is to select a ring that specifically features as many diamond accents as the number of years you have been married. For instance, if you've enjoyed marital bliss for four years, you could choose a band with four diamond accents.

You could even have something special inscribed on your band's inside area.


Choose Bands According to Tradition

Based on tradition, married couples should exchange wooden gifts on their fifth anniversaries, followed by aluminum or tin on their 10th anniversaries. Then, they should celebrate with gold jewelry on their 50th anniversaries.

However, times have changed. Today, it's perfectly fine to receive diamond jewelry on your 10th anniversary.

As we mentioned earlier, there's no set-in-stone rule regarding when you should get a new anniversary band. Just do it when you feel it's time, whether it's an "off" year (like your 11th anniversary) or an "on" anniversary year (like your 10th).

Here are a few suggestions to help you to make the perfect ring selection.


Year 1 - Gold

Your first year is one filled with many precious memories, so gold couldn't be a more fitting way to celebrate these memories.

Try a white or yellow gold anniversary ring if you want a classic gift for your first anniversary. Meanwhile, if you're interested in a look that is more distinctive, go with rose gold. Rose gold is popular in either vintage or contemporary styles.


Year 5 - Sapphires

Sapphires have historically been a symbol of loyalty and truth. You'll typically see these given as gifts for the fifth wedding anniversary.

The great thing about sapphires is that they are available in just about any color, ranging from feminine pinks to regal blues. As a result, they can suit a variety of styles.

You can even pair a sapphire wedding anniversary ring with sapphire earrings and a sapphire pendant for an ultra-lovely look.

Especially popular sapphire jewelry features brilliant Earth gems sourced from the likes of Malawi, Sri Lanka, and Australia.


Year 10 - Diamonds

Ten years of marriage is the first of many major milestones you'll experience as a married couple. Therefore, it probably doesn't come as a surprise that diamonds are popular gifts for this special occasion today.

Diamonds are part of many of today's most highly valued jewelry pieces thanks to their superior hardness and brilliant sparkle.

But in addition to being beautiful, the gift of a diamond ring on your 10th anniversary may leave you feeling extremely nostalgic about your wedding-day ring exchange. And you may end up falling in love with your spouse all over again.


Other Anniversary Ring Options

What if your wedding band already features precious gems?

In this situation, you could look for anniversary bands that share your wedding band's style but feature different gems. For example, you could select a band featuring your children's birthstones. Just try to avoid wearing the bands on the same finger since the gemstones are different.

Meanwhile, if you have a white-gold wedding ring, why not pick a yellow-gold or rose-gold eternity band? This will give you a breathtaking mixed-metal look.

Whatever you do, make sure that your anniversary band choice is one that fits your style so that you can enjoy wearing it for years -- even decades -- to come.


How We Can Help

We offer a wide range of jewelry options that are perfect for those looking for an anniversary ring.

For instance, we offer a 14-karat white gold band featuring lab-grown diamonds, which are not distinguishable from diamonds that have been mined. The benefit of these types of diamonds is that they are exceptionally valuable while typically costing 30% to 40% less than their mined counterparts.

We also offer a range of alluring engagement rings, bridal sets and wedding bands. In fact, we have a large collection of beautiful moissanite rings.

Get in touch with us to find out more about your wedding and anniversary ring options. We can help you to choose a visually appealing, distinctive and high-quality ring that will keep you looking beautiful in the years ahead.