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Cold feet is everyone’s worst nightmare at a wedding. What if the bride never comes down the aisle? What if the groom walks off the alter?  What if one of them says NO during the I-Do’s. YIKES…what a disaster and heart break. There are a number of reasons why these things happen and most of them are just some variation as he or she “just isn’t right”. But from time to time there are some very particular reasons why the wedding gets called off. 

Earlier this year in India, the wife to-be called off her wedding because her not-yet husband and his family failed to build a toilet at their home. If you think we’re full of crap (hehe), this story is absolutely true. To make the story even more bizarre, the bride furthered her reasons to call off the wedding AFTER she was already dressed up as a bride that they they must do their bit to give impetus to Prime Minister Modi’s “Swacch Bharat” initiative which is a wide spreading government sanitation program in India launched in 2014. There’s nothing like the ol’ home lavatory/politics/sanitation excuse to call off a wedding. 

And that’s not all! The woman, Neha (pictured below), later that day got hitched to another man…probably because he had a nice toilet in his home. We don’t have a picture of the toilet. I know…that stinks.